Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Business: Can't Grow OR Won't Grow?

Over the past few months when I was talking to numerous people about their strategies during this recession, I was amazed at the number of people saying "business is slow so we need to cut our costs down on staff, training and marketing" or "just sitting tight and see what happens". When I asked someone if they had considered an expansion strategy instead, they just laughed and walked away. We all seem to find an excuse not to do what is required and needed to move our businesses forward and, subsequently, the economy. Of course, it is easier to blame the government, banks, Americans (now that the Cold War is over and we can't really blame the Russians)... But how about taking responsibility for our actions? What's wrong with accepting ownership for our own businesses? Do you think that your bank will do it?

Instead of fighting and pulling together, it seems as though as this country is falling apart. We all seem to have accepted the defeat. COME ON, BRITAIN! Just ask yourself: if we all "sat tight" and did nothing, then who would we do business with? Who would buy our products or services? Who would know about us? We might as well look at that grand idea of Karl Marx and Lenin, called Communism, and consider living for non-profit and just do barter deals. We don't need money, do we?

Well, here's a thought for you to consider. YOU CAN GROW YOUR BUSINESS! How? Well... Read on...

One of the fastest, easiest and safest ways to grow your business (and there are a few) is franchising. Please allow me to demonstrate why:

UK Franchising:
  • There are currently over 809 franchise systems in the UK, which equates to 84,274 businesses
  • The franchise industry is now estimated to be worth £12.4 billion
  • There are an estimated 383,000 people employed by franchises
  • The vast majority (91%) of franchisees say they are profitable
  • More American-based franchises are looking to expand into Europe
  • Franchisors are seeking to grant over 190,000 franchise licences to aspiring business owners across the UK
  • The number of franchises in the UK has risen by 3% in the past five years
  • There are currently over 2.22 million people unemployed in the UK
  • Average redundancy payout is over £5,000
  • Redundancies and uncertainty about jobs are making thousands of people to seriously consider investing into a franchise
  • On average there are 22,000 global searches per month for people looking to buys a franchise
  • Approximately 2,000 searches were made in the UK during the month of April alone!
So, I hope that you see the potential from the above... I do not believe that there are no possibilities of growing your business out there and all of the above demonstrates it. If you don't do it, someone else will!
Imagine now, what income opportunity this could generate for you?... Now, have I got your attention?